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Francesco Fontanelli


Francesco Fontanelli is an archaeologist specialised in the use of GIS and topographic instruments (GPS and Total Station Systems) for site and landscape analysis.

Francesco has a Bachelor degree in Archaeology and a Master in Preventive Archaeology from the University of Siena.

Since 2003 he has worked on an array of projects, including field walking and excavations relating to different periods. In 2008 he started working with LAP&T, the Landscape Archaeology and Remote Sensing Laboratory of the University of Siena, as a GIS and Topographic Surveying Supervisor, where he was involved in a diverse range of important projects. Francesco was the GIS and Archaeological Site Supervisor of the “Pava project” with the University of Siena (2008 to 2012), the “San Pietro ad Asso project” with the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Siena (2010) and the “Carta Archeologica dell’Isola del Giglio” project with the University of Siena, Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, Comune and Gruppo Archeologico di Isola del Giglio (2010 to 2012). His experience with the LAP&T has also allowed him to learn and apply remote sensing techniques (geophysical surveying and aerial photography) and to be part of many significant projects. Some of the more notable ones include a magnetic survey in Veio, Rome (2011) with the CNR Institute and the University of Siena, a Geophysical Survey with “Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana” in Rome and the University of Siena in Grosseto (2011) and an aerial photography survey of Isola del Giglio with the University of Siena (2011).

Locally he has worked with various government entities such as the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and Heritage Malta. From 2012 to 2014 Francesco was the GIS and Archaeological Site Supervisor at the Ghajn Tuffieha Roman Baths and for the Ta’ Bistra Catacombs excavations conducted by Heritage Malta.

Francesco joined En-Sure in 2014, where he works as an archaeologist. His role includes regular inspections and continuous monitoring during construction works, where he helps ensure that Malta’s heritage is recorded and safeguarded. Such projects have included the archaeological monitoring of the development works for the National Interactive Science Centre at Bighi.

Francesco is fluent in Italian, English and Maltese.

Besides his passion for archaeology, Francesco is also interested in photography and informatics.

Archaeological monitoring and excavation
Post-excavation techniques
GIS and CAD software
GPS and Total Station surveys
Field walking survey

Bachelor Degree in Archaeological Heritage Preservation, Management and Information (University of Siena)
Bachelor Degree in Archaeology (University of Siena)
Master in Preventive Archaeology (University of Siena)

Gruppi Archeologici d’Italia (GAI)