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Ivana Jerkin Erak


Ivana Jerkin Erak is an archaeologist and qualified teacher of English language and literature. She has a Masters degree in Archaeology and a Masters degree in English Language Teaching, awarded by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

During her career as an archaeologist, she has worked as a professional associate with a number of institutions, including the Department of Archaeology and the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb, Croatia; the Department of Archaeology at the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts; the Archaeology Museum in Zagreb; the Šibenik City Museum; the Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb; the Museum of Slavonia, Osijek; the Museum of Turopolje, and several private archaeological companies. She also worked as a translator, interpreter, and editor for the English language at INA plc, the national oil and gas company in Croatia.

During the past years she has worked on a series of archaeological projects, such as a long systematic research excavation at Bribirska Glavica (a complex settlement dating from 1st to 15th century AD), and the medieval necropolises Piramatovci (in Bilo Stanovi, Croatia) and Donje Polje (in Sv. Lovre, Croatia). She also worked on Gardun (a Roman Empire military camp), on various late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age settlements and on Neolithic period sites. She also participated in osteology research analysing skeletal remains from different archaeological excavations. Before joining En-Sure Ltd, upon her arrival to Malta, she worked on a voluntary basis at the National Museum of Archaeology, Heritage Malta where she was entrusted with processing temple period ceramics.

In addition to her passion for archaeology, Ivana successfully completed alpinist and speleology training courses, is an active member of the Croatian Mountaineering Society and is a holder of a CMAS diving licence. She also enjoys dancing, drawing and painting, and artistic photography, and has had two exhibitions of her work held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Archaeological monitoring and excavation
Post-excavation techniques
Land use surveys
Archaeological photography

MA Archaeology (FFZG)
MA English Language Teaching (FFZG)

Croatian Archaeological Society
Croatian Mountaineering Society
Croatian Diving Association