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Krzysztof Nalewajski

Technical Officer

Krzysztof is the newest addition to the En-Sure team; he joined the company in May 2017. He was born in Cracow, Poland and came to live in Malta at the beginning of 2017.

He finished his engineering studies at Cracow University of Technology where he graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering. In addition to his interest in engineering, he simultaneously developed his knowledge in the field of draughting and designing, and is now a qualified and a proficient user of AutoCAD. He is mainly self-taught and his persistence and drive led him be part of big projects in Poland where he could use and develop his knowledge further.

In his professional career (as well as in his private life) Krzysztof is always looking for new challenges. He has also worked in Germany and Croatia, where he used his technical and manual skills to gain experience. He chooses jobs that excite him and can bring him joy and fulfilment. For a couple of years he worked as Chief Technician in a diving centre in Croatia, where he combined his work with his passion for scuba diving. He is a certified PADI, SSI and TDI diver and wherever he goes he looks for an opportunity to visit the underwater world.

Krzysztof is a well-organized and creative person. His attention to detail sometimes becomes a curse even for himself.

Krzysztof is fluent in Polish and English, and has a basic knowledge of French and German.

He has a keen interest in photography, diving, climbing and cycling, and also enjoys spending time with his friends, skiing and sailing.

CAD software

Engineering degree
Deep diver PADI
Nitrox diver TDI