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Patrizia Pecoraro

Assistant Archaeologist

Patrizia joined En-sure in 2018 as Assistant Archaeologist. She has a Master’s degree in Archaeology from the University of Florence and a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage from the University of Salento. During her Bachelor’s degree she also studied at the University of Lisbon as part of the Erasmus programme.

Patrizia is specialised in medieval archaeology and public archaeology, which are the topics of her two academic dissertations. She also has a discrete knowledge of pottery.

She has participated in surveys in the Apulia and Tuscany regions in Italy, conducting land and metric surveys. She has worked on excavations at sites related to different historic periods, from Prehistory to Middle Age, including in Cavallino, Serra Cicora and Arpi.

She has also had internships and collaborations with the Museum of Lecce, Soierie Vivante in Lyon, and the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage in Tuscany. At the latter she also was involved in the Sicar programme (information system for the documentation and planning of restoration sites), mainly as a GIS operator.

In addition to her native language Italian Patrizia speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. She also has some knowledge of Mauritian Creole and she’s up to learning Maltese as well.

Her other qualifications and skills include: European Computer Driving Licence, Geographic Information System (GIS), Didactics Farms Operator, Project Manager of Tourist Itineraries, Pottery Restorer, First Aid Course as Volunteer in Italian Red Cross, and Swimming Licence.

She loves to travel, has been to around thirty countries and doesn’t want to stop. She has even lived in Mauritius, working as an Italian teacher / trainer, and has also worked as a languages teacher in Casablanca, Morocco. She also spent a year working with blind people for the Italian National Civil Service, and kept working with blind persons afterwards. She also undertook a short internship in the Italian Air Force.

Her other passions are reading, cinema (she has even been a background actress), sea, ecology, volunteering, and vegetarian food; sometimes she does these things simultaneously. She also likes to write: she’s a reviewer for an online Italian magazine, has collaborated with a local newspaper in her hometown and participated in a journalistic award. She also used to attend art school and practised figure skating at competitive level, and so also considers herself to be an artist.

Archaeological monitoring and excavation
Post-excavation techniques
Land use surveys
Archaeological photography
Pottery restoration
Metric surveys
Archaeological drawings

Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage from the University of Salento
Master’s degree in Archaeology from the University of Florence