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Titian Schembri

Lead Monitor & Project Manager

Titian Schembri is a scientist with considerable experience in compliance and operational monitoring, environmental monitoring and environmental site management. As Lead Monitor & Project Manager with En-Sure, he regularly carries out site visits and liaises with project managers, workers and representatives of enforcement bodies to quantify progress and ensure that permit conditions are adhered to.

Titian is very knowledgeable in operational and environmental monitoring and has been providing monitoring services to large-scale industrial projects in Malta since 2007. He is involved in developing the General Environmental Management Plan, which is a compilation of management plans and method statements to manage emissions, storage, waste, traffic, and other aspects of projects and ensure minimal environmental impact on a project’s surroundings. He also carries out site visits and liaises with project managers and their teams to ensure that the General Environmental Management Plan conditions are adhered to. Titian also regularly develops environmental monitoring plans for the ongoing operational and environmental monitoring required during project operations.

Titian has provided environmental site management services for several large-scale construction projects. Amongst others, these include the upgrading of the Coast Road, the construction of a visitor infrastructure and landscaping and restoration works at the Saint Paul’s Catacombs Heritage Park, the City Gate construction project, the extension of the existing Malta Freeport Terminals and capital dredging of the port, the reconstruction of roads as part of the TEN-T project, the construction of a Life Sciences Park in San Gwann, the refurbishment of the Marsaxlokk breakwater, the rehabilitation of the former Maghtab Landfill, the excavation and construction of an underground tunnel and an interconnector station in Maghtab, the dredging works for the new terminal extension at the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal, the refurbishment and upgrading at Deep Water Quay, Marsa, the waste water treatment plant at Ta’ Barkat, and the expansion and development of the Seabank Hotel.

Titian is also a qualified marine biologist with over 13 years’ experience in scientific research, including taxonomy, ichthyology, fisheries and marine biology. He has an in-depth knowledge of fisheries techniques and has participated in a number of fisheries research projects and was a member of the Grupp ta’ Ħidma dwar id-Diversifikazzjoni tas-Settur tas-Sajd until it was adjourned after completing its scope. Titian has published taxonomic papers on Maltese cephalopods and chondrichthyes, and has also participated in the compilation of the Red Data List for sharks and rays in the Mediterranean. He has been involved in projects on marine biodiversity studies, in particular concerning local fisheries and ichthyologic diversity, and has considerable experience in the compilation of action plans concerning the conservation of critical species. He has also been involved in a study on the feasibility of land reclamation in Malta.

Titian is a fully qualified and experienced educator, having taught at a private secondary school for 13 years, later heading the science department, a role which required managing a team of over 10 staff members. Titian also has extensive experience in delivering lectures to an adult audience with both scientific and non-technical backgrounds. He was also on the board of editors for the scientific journal “Central Mediterranean Naturalist” and has acted as scientific consultant for various conservation projects run by Nature Trust (Malta).

Titian recently completed a Master degree in Project Management at the University of Liverpool. This degree provided leadership and management training, and helped Titian develop the skills required to manage large contemporary construction and public complex infrastructure development projects.

In his spare time, Titian enjoys playing squash and jogging and plays volleyball in the national league. He is also a regular patron of the theatre, and has been casted on occasion in local television series, televised advertisements, and other productions. Other pastimes include hiking, reading, strategy games, cooking and baking.

Environmental site management
Compliance and operational monitoring
Environmental monitoring
Noise and vibration surveys
Marine biology
Project management
Team leadership and management

Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry
Master of Science in Biology
Master of Science in Project Management