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En-Sure commissions dust monitoring equipment

En-Sure recently commissioned a new sampler for dust monitoring. The sampler is designed to monitor for different size ranges of dust, including PM10 and PM2.5, typically in outdoor areas.

This type of sampler is considered to be a reference sampler by EU legislation on air quality and by the international standard EN 12341:2014, and also complies with the German standard VDI 2465.

The sampler draws in air through a size-selective inlet; any dust in the air is then collected on a filter. En-Sure works with a laboratory certified to EN 12341 for measurement of the filters, thus ensuring the accuracy of the results.

The sampler is currently in service for its first long-term sampling programme at a major development site. Results will be supplied monthly to the operator and MEPA, and will allow an assessment to be made of whether construction activities are having an impact on nearby sensitive receptors.

Feel free to contact us if you would like further information, or to conduct a monitoring campaign.

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