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En-Sure offsets its Carbon Emissions for 2014

En-Sure has offset all of its CO2 emissions for 2014. During this year, En-Sure emitted 11.1 tonnes of CO2 from office-based activities, travelling to sites being monitored as well as staff commuting. These emissions were calculated using an online business calculator adjusted to reflect the rate of carbon emissions from electricity in Malta.

To offset its emissions En-Sure used Pure Leapfrog, a UK business led charity that is the leading social investment provider within the community energy sector. All donations to Pure Leapfrog fund carbon reduction projects in Africa, India and other developing countries, and all projects are certified by the Gold Standard to ensure their sustainability.

This initiative has been carried out as part of En-Sure’s Environmental Management System, which En-Sure is aiming to have certified to ISO 14001 in 2015.

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