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En-Sure archaeologists unearth ancient wall in Valletta Ditch

En-Sure’s archaeology team is responsible for monitoring all the works being undertaken in Valletta in connection with the development at the Triton Fountain. A critical part of En-Sure’s work is to constantly monitor all the works so that if any features of archaeological importance are discovered, works are stopped and the appropriate action is taken to record and, where relevant, preserve these features.

During the excavation works in the area of the former public toilets an important wall dating from the early British Period was discovered by on-site lead archaeologist Chantal Cassar.  Chantal had the following to say about the discovery, “This discovery is important primarily because no-one was aware of its existence and secondly because it sheds light on the different modifications that were undertaken under British rule. It also shows En-Sure’s commitment to preserving important features as well as allowing works to continue in other areas of the development.”

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