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En-Sure completes fuel terminal air monitoring project

En-Sure offers monitoring services to a wide variety of industrial sectors, including fuel terminals, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and waste management installations.  The services include air quality, noise and vibration monitoring, and compliance assessment during construction and operation.

A recently concluded project required En-Sure to conduct air quality monitoring during fuel transfer operations at a fuel terminal.  The facility handles Heavy Fuel Oil, gas oil and diesel, and mitigates emissions during fuel transfers using activated carbon filters.

The monitoring was commissioned by the terminal operator, as required by the Environment and Resources Authority as part of the Environmental Permit for the facility.  Air monitoring consisted of samples taken at the fuel tanks (before and after filtration), as well as at several points at the site boundary, depending on the wind direction.  Samples were analysed for volatile organic compounds, including thiols, as well as hydrogen sulphide.  The project required the use of both active and passive sampling techniques to account for different concentrations of the various analytes being monitored.

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