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BAT conclusions on pig & poultry published

The European Union has published Implementing Decision 2017/302 to establish best available techniques (BAT) conclusions for the intensive rearing of poultry or pigs under the Industrial Emissions Directive.

The conclusions apply to farms carrying out intensive rearing of poultry or pigs and having more than 40,000 places for poultry, 2,000 places for production pigs (over 30 kg), or 750 places for sows.

These BAT conclusions cover the following on-farm processes and activities:

  • nutritional management of poultry and pigs;
  • feed preparation (milling, mixing and storage);
  • rearing (housing) of poultry and pigs;
  • collection and storage of manure;
  • processing of manure;
  • manure landspreading; and
  • storage of dead animals.

The full text of the decision is available here.

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