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En-Sure responsible for the health and safety aspects of the decommissioning and dismantling of the Delimara Power Station

En-Sure was engaged by General Smontaggi, the main contractor responsible for the decommissioning and dismantling works at the Delimara Power Station, to oversee the health and safety of the workers employed during this decommissioning Project.

The dismantling work, which started in September 2017, consists of the dismantling of the 150 metre chimney, two boilers, two turbines, several HFO pipelines and auxiliary installations. The dismantling process started with the removal of the lowermost part of the two steel pipes that connected the chimney to the boilers. The remaining metal pipes, ladders and platforms within the chimney’s structure will be lowered to ground level using strand jacks. These will be subsequently dismantled and broken into smaller pieces before being carted away off-site. Read more…

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National Ballast Water Management Strategy

En-Sure Ltd is leading a Consortium consisting of Adi Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd, E-Cubed Consultants Ltd and Ecoserv Ltd in the drawing up of a National Ballast Water Management Strategy in light of the Ballast Water Management Convention requirements for the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC). Read more…

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En-Sure celebrates its 10th anniversary!

June 2017 marks 10 years since En-Sure was set up to provide environmental monitoring and consultancy services.

In 2007, En-Sure started providing a limited range of environmental monitoring services, mainly focusing on operational monitoring of large construction sites.  At the time the team consisted of two persons.

En-Sure’s portfolio was gradually broadened over the years such that today it includes a whole gamut of services, including Read more…

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En-Sure welcomes new team member

We are pleased to welcome Krzysztof Nalewajski to the En-Sure team. Krzysztof joins En-Sure as a Technical Officer, where he will primarily be using his skills in computer-aided design (CAD) software to further improve and expand the services provided by En-Sure.

Krzysztof was born in Cracow, Poland and came to live in Malta at the beginning of 2017. He has an engineering degree from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at Cracow University of Technology. In addition to his interest related to engineering, he simultaneously developed his knowledge in the field of draughting and designing, and is now a qualified and a proficient user of AutoCAD. Read more…

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En-Sure completes fuel terminal air monitoring project

En-Sure offers monitoring services to a wide variety of industrial sectors, including fuel terminals, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and waste management installations.  The services include air quality, noise and vibration monitoring, and compliance assessment during construction and operation.

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