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Waste Directives revised to promote shift to circular economy

Our current socio-economic human model is linear in nature where there is little recirculation of the by products from each step of the process (as seen below) resulting in waste.

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New BAT standards for waste management plants

The European Union has published Implementing Decision 2018/1147, which updates the Best Available Technique (BAT) conclusions for certain large waste management plants.  These BAT standards apply to the waste treatment facilities that require an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit, such as certain sites processing or storing hazardous waste. Read more…

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Publication in Business Strategy and the Environment

Rachel Decelis, Senior Environmental Consultant at En-Sure, recently published a paper in the journal Business Strategy and the Environment. The paper, entitled “Examining the drivers and outcomes of corporate commitment to climate change action in European high emitting industry”, explores the factors that lead managers in the power generation and chemical plant sectors to take positive action to reduce their facility’s climate footprint. Read more…

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Waste characterisation report for a former scrapyard

En-Sure was entrusted with carrying out a land monitoring and waste characterisation study as part of the decommissioning and redevelopment of a scrapyard which had been in operation for more than 50 years. Read more…

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