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Chadwick Lakes

Project Title: Chadwick Lakes (Wied il-Qlejgħa)

Start / Finish Dates:  April 2019 – January 2022


En-Sure was commissioned to provide environmental site management, monitoring, and drafting of environmental permit application services to the appointed contractor during the regeneration works at Wied il-Qlejgħa, popularly known as Chadwick Lakes.


An area which forms part of Chadwick Lakes, covering a staggering 111,865 m2, has finally undergone a comprehensive upgrade through rehabilitation and restoration works following many years of neglect. Our job was to monitor, keep track of the environmental aspects of the Project and ensure that all works were carried out in an environmentally friendly manner and that planning and environmental permit conditions were adhered to.


Our environmental monitors visited the Site daily to monitor any interventions taking place on Site which varied from excavation and removal of silt and deposits cleared from dam areas, re-construction of several traditional rubble walls along the valley and retaining walls, removal of an intrusive 1990s playground in the valley bed, to bioengineering interventions with the aim to enhance the ecological value of the area.


Weekly environmental monitoring reports were prepared by En-Sure Ltd. Together with the team on site including the project’s Ecologist our monitors recorded all the stages of works and provided guidance to the Contractor on sensitive environmental issues related to the habitats and species in the area.