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University - Hospital AQ

Project Title: Environmental Monitoring for Construction of University Residence

Start / Finish Dates:  February 2019 - ongoing


En-Sure has been awarded an operational monitoring contract for the construction of a University Residence and Community Complex.


The proposal, permitted by planning permits PA/07926/16 and PA 00456/17, includes the demolition of existing buildings, dismantling and reconstruction of a vernacular building, excavation works, as well as construction of a university residence (with 690 bedroom units), ancillary commercial space, student community amenities, a language school, lecture space, an office building and an underground car park (with 456 car spaces).


The site covers around 8,780 square metres, and is situated between the University of Malta and the Mater Dei hospital.


En-Sure’s role is to carry out environmental monitoring of the works, including through site visits by its Operational Monitoring Team, who will regularly visit the site to observe work practices and assess the environmental issues (such as waste management practices, emissions, implementation of mitigation measures, and so on). En-Sure’s team will report weekly to the Planning Authority.


En-Sure’s work is especially important due to the proximity of the hospital, and the need to ensure the well-being of patients and avoid disruption of hospital operations.


Monitoring of noise, vibration, and dust will also be carried out during construction works, including monitoring at the hospital. Baseline monitoring has already started, which includes real-time dust monitoring and noise monitoring. This will allow a comparison of air quality and noise levels with baseline levels once construction starts.