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Health & Safety

En-Sure has the required competence to carry out risk assessments of a range of projects, and is able to provide the project supervisory services required by local Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation for construction projects.

En-Sure helps clients by drawing up a Health and Safety Plan that summarises relevant OHS legislation, identifies project risks, and includes a training programme for site personnel, emergency procedures (including fire response), and a monitoring plan.  En-Sure also reviews plant certification and personnel training to ensure safe operation throughout works.  During the construction phase, En-Sure is responsible for organising induction training to employees on basic hazards and accident prevention, as well as on the use of personal protective equipment.  En-Sure also coordinates with contractors and other interested parties to promote a positive common health and safety culture, it carries out regular inspections, and flags up any problems with the site supervisor and the client.  En-Sure also prepares regular reports for the client, provides advice on best practice, attends progress meetings, prepares accident and near-miss reports and organises fire drills.  These actions are aimed at ensuring that all obligations set out by local OHS legislation are implemented on site.

Our holistic service can reduce companies’ health and safety liabilities, and help clients comply with their environmental and health and safety obligations.