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In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences – Robert Green Ingersoll

Our Client Promise

En-Sure promises to:

  • Deliver the best available professional skills and experience, and ensure you receive exceptional value in the form of relevant professional advice and operations. 

We use scientifically up-to-date and appropriate techniques and suitably qualified and experienced personnel. Additionally, when the input of sub-contractors is required, we undertake to use only qualified and reliable consultants and firms. We will provide a constructive analysis and support, in order to help you gain and maintain best practice.

  • Deliver services in line with the highest ethical, professional and moral standards, and to be dedicated and committed in seeking to maintaining and improving such standards.

When assessing your needs, we will endeavour to provide solutions that are the most environmentally sustainable and economically feasible. Our vast experience in the field helps us think “outside the box” and to recommend and provide solutions that are innovative, pragmatic, work in practice, and add value to the project.

We will be proactive by informing you of any changes in legislation, standards, procedures and the market, and to continue offering services that are innovative and of the highest standard.

  • Work to formally agreed contracts and project manage your work according to our internal project management systems and your requirements. 

We will seek to understand your organisation and business environment, and to be ever conscious of the management of your resources (time, cost and information). W will give immediate attention to issues and seek a timely resolution.

We will seek informal feedback when appropriate and will contact you formally at the end of the assignment to ask you about the service we have delivered. We value this information to provide direction to the on-going improvement of our performance.

  • Be completely honest and transparent in all our transactions and communications.

We will give you the contact details of the person dealing with your project, and this person will: identify your needs and how En-Sure can best meet them; maintain regular contact with you by phone, email, and / or through meetings; provide the required support in dealings with regulatory authorities; and check that you are fully satisfied with all that we do for you.

We will ensure that you have access to the senior management of the team when requested.

While aiming for no complaints, we recognise the need to resolve any complaints promptly and in so doing we view each as an opportunity for improvement. We will acknowledge, and promptly investigate, written complaints within 48 hours of receipt. Our aim is to resolve complaints to the satisfaction of our clients within one month of receipt.

You can contact us at our offices by phone, fax, or email. Calls during weekday office hours will be answered promptly; we will respond the next working day to messages or faxes left out-of-hours.

  • Communicate in an efficient and timely manner.

We will communicate with you verbally, electronically, and / or in writing; verbal communications will always be confirmed in writing. All communication will be checked before release, to ensure that it is technically sound and meets both En-Sure’s standards and your requirements.

  • Be strictly confidential with sensitive information.

We will not relay confidential information by telephone, email or fax without prior agreement. All financial, technical or business information supplied to us will be treated in the strictest confidence for the duration of the project and beyond, and, where possible, returned at the end of the assignment, or earlier, if no longer required for the proper execution of the job. Unless we have express permission, no information traceable to a specific client or project will be released to a third party.

What is your involvement?

In our dealings with you we will expect you to:

  • Include us in the project team: to use our ideas, advice and feedback so that we can support you in respecting regulations and achieving best practice;
  • Provide us with access to the decision makers who are relevant to our services;
  • Be open to suggestions on how to improve environmental management;
  • Resolve reported issues in a timely manner;
  • Provide honest, prompt feedback on our work and on your satisfaction;
  • Provide us with the opportunity to earn a role as a valued, long-term provider; and
  • Assume that our capabilities are continually growing in response to changes in the marketplace, standards and legislation, and allow us to update you from time to time.