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Our Environmental Policy

All staff at En-Sure Ltd recognise that our services and operations impact the environment. We are committed to reducing the negative effects of our profession by incorporating environmental considerations into our operations and services.

Our aim is to achieve our business objectives through an approach that reduces our adverse environmental impacts. We will achieve this through a continual improvement programme, a commitment to preventing pollution and protecting the environment, and the promotion of environmental awareness within and outside the organisation.

We will:

  • Comply with environmental legislation and En-Sure’s compliance obligations;
  • Continually improve our environmental monitoring and consultancy services;
  • Implement measures to improve work-related travel;
  • Reduce waste generation, and separate waste for recycling or recovery;
  • Exercise sensible energy management;
  • Minimise our consumption of natural resources; and
  • Offset all our CO2 emissions.

In order to do this we:

  • Have developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is certified to the ISO14001 standard;
  • Support and motivate our employees’ continual professional development through the provision of opportunities for formal and on-the-job training, and through supporting professional staff in becoming members of a professional association;
  • Document and analyse feedback on our environmental monitoring and consultancy services;
  • Promote the use of environmentally sound practices to our clients and increase their environmental awareness;
  • Are implementing a  Travel Plan for work-related travel;
  • Are implementing a Green Procurement Procedure for purchases of large energy-consuming equipment;
  • Ensure our staff are aware of and participate in implementing the EMS;
  • Ensure that the professional subcontractors we engage are aware of our EMS;
  • Use indicators to monitor our environmental performance;
  • Use a reliable method to offset our CO2 emissions; and
  • Review and where necessary, update, our EMS to enhance its environmental performance.

Through this policy, we aim to continually improve our environmental performance, leading to a better environment and increased efficiency of our operations and services.

This policy will be reviewed annually and applies to all En-Sure Ltd’s activities, products and services.

April 2017

Endorsed by the Company Directors.