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Environmental Monitoring for Construction of the Grand Hotel Verdala, Rabat

Demolition of Grand Hotel VerdalaEn-Sure has been awarded an operational monitoring contract for the demolition, excavation and re-construction of the Grand Hotel Verdala, Rabat. The proposal is permitted by planning permits PA/06044/17 & PA/06714/20.

The development is spread over six floors above highest street level and two levels below. The proposed uses include, Class 1 residential units, Class 4B ancillary retail use, Class 3B hotel with ancillary facilities and garage making provision for 176 cars.

Real-time dust monitoring

En-Sure’s role is to carry out environmental monitoring of the works, including through site visits by its Operational Monitoring Team, who regularly visit the site to observe work practices and assess the environmental issues (such as waste management practices, emissions, implementation of mitigation measures, and so on). En-Sure’s team report weekly to the Environmental Resources Authority.

Monitoring of noise, vibration, and real-time dust monitoring is also being carried out by En-Sure team during the works and compared against baseline levels.

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