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En-Sure upgrades its Environmental Certification

En-Sure was recently certified to ISO 14001:2015, the new Environmental Management System (EMS) standard which replaced the ISO 14001:2009 standard. The new standard places a greater emphasis on improving an organisation’s environmental performance by requiring the organisation’s management to show leadership and commitment to environmental performance, requiring consideration of the organisation’s risks and opportunities, and requiring a lifecycle approach to be taken when considering an organisation’s impacts. Read more..

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En-Sure responsible for the health and safety aspects of the decommissioning and dismantling of the Delimara Power Station

En-Sure was engaged by General Smontaggi, the main contractor responsible for the decommissioning and dismantling works at the Delimara Power Station, to oversee the health and safety of the workers employed during this decommissioning Project.

The dismantling work, which started in September 2017, consists of the dismantling of the 150 metre chimney, two boilers, two turbines, several HFO pipelines and auxiliary installations. The dismantling process started with the removal of the lowermost part of the two steel pipes that connected the chimney to the boilers. The remaining metal pipes, ladders and platforms within the chimney’s structure will be lowered to ground level using strand jacks. These will be subsequently dismantled and broken into smaller pieces before being carted away off-site. Read more..

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National Ballast Water Management Strategy

En-Sure Ltd is leading a Consortium consisting of Adi Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd, E-Cubed Consultants Ltd and Ecoserv Ltd in the drawing up of a National Ballast Water Management Strategy in light of the Ballast Water Management Convention requirements for the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC). Read more..

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