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En-Sure upgrades its Environmental Certification

En-Sure was recently certified to ISO 14001:2015, the new Environmental Management System (EMS) standard which replaced the ISO 14001:2009 standard. The new standard places a greater emphasis on improving an organisation’s environmental performance by requiring the organisation’s management to show leadership and commitment to environmental performance, requiring consideration of the organisation’s risks and opportunities, and requiring a lifecycle approach to be taken when considering an organisation’s impacts.

Rachel Xuereb, Director at En-Sure said, “Certification to the new ISO 14001 standard is evidence that we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance. An important component of our EMS is the environmental monitoring and consultancy service we provide, which can influence the behaviour of clients and regulators, and therefore lead to positive environmental change. In addition to reducing our company’s environmental footprint, we are also committed to continually providing high quality services in order to help our clients make the right choices with regard to their environmental impacts.”

(Published on 24th October 2017).

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