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Robert Stevens

Environmental Monitor

Robert joined En-Sure as an environmental monitor in 2018. At En-Sure he is responsible for providing advice to management teams and site operatives on best practice methods to reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. As part of his monitoring role, Robert conducts regular site inspections and subsequently compiles operational monitoring and environmental site management reports. He is also involved in noise and vibration monitoring, and odour monitoring. Robert is also responsible for installing traffic counting tubes, traffic cameras and air quality monitoring equipment, and for routine maintenance of air quality equipment.

Robert was born in the UK and moved to Malta in 2015. After leaving secondary school he went on to become a qualified mechanical engineer for an aeronautical components company.

Robert has gained experience over the years in many fields, including the manufacture of fire doors, in the paper industry, beer brewing, as well as construction. Robert’s last job in the UK was as a fountain installer, where one of his duties was to make working models of water feature designs.

Robert enjoys cooking and takes a keen interest in sport, especially rugby union and cricket.