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Supporting companies once an Environmental Permit is issued

The approval of an Environmental Permit by the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) is an important milestone in a company’s operations, and rightly so. A company would have dedicated significant time preparing the application and responding to requests for information, and might even have incurred costs on studies and certain infrastructural upgrades in order to achieve this goal.

But what happens once an Environmental Permit is issued?

First, an Environmental Permit is issued for a definite time, often ranging from one to four years. Renewal is not automatic – before the permit expires, a renewal application has to be submitted to ERA.

Secondly, the Permit imposes several obligations on the permit holder. These include:

  • Routine, day-to-day obligations, such as making sure to send waste to licensed facilities;
  • Periodic requirements, such as annual air and / or wastewater monitoring and the submission of an Annual Environmental Report; and
  • One-off requirements, such as upgrading containment for hazardous chemicals. Typically these are included in an improvement programme as part of the permit.

Sometimes it can be challenging for permit holders to keep track of all of when these obligations are due, and to which standard they must be performed. Operators already have their hands full keeping the business running, and are specialists in their own sector. Periodic and one-off requirements can be particularly challenging as they are often more technically complex.

However, non-conformities with the permit, including delayed submissions to ERA, can expose operators to fines and other penalties. They may also delay the renewal process, because the renewal application triggers a review of the facility’s compliance status.

This is where En-Sure can help. En-Sure can take care of your post-permitting requirements so that you do not miss a deadline, your reporting is up to scratch, the technical requirements in your permit are met, and you will not incur fines or penalties.

We have supported companies in a range of sectors – including in the manufacturing, waste management, quarrying, power generation, and hotel sectors. Our team includes specialists in various fields, such as air quality, noise and vibration, water testing, and waste management.

Please contact us for a proposal that is tailor-made to your needs – as well as to the requirements in your Environmental Permit.

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