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Health and Safety Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) of demolition of existing buildings and construction of a grade separated junction at Kappara

En-Sure was engaged by Transport Malta to oversee the health and safety of the workers employed on the Kappara Roads Project.

En-Sure monitors the site in order to ensure that the health and safety control measures drawn up in the various risk assessment reports by the Contractor as well as the health and safety plans prepared by the Project Supervisor for the Design Stage are followed at all times.  En-Sure also ensures that specific reports are drawn up by the Contractor in investigating any accidents or near misses that might occur on Site during works.  In addition, En-Sure is responsible in making sure that all local occupational health and safety legal requirements are followed by the Contractors deployed on Site. Weekly reports are sent to the Client and the Contractor, summarising the observations made on site during the monitoring and providing guidance on improving site practices.

This service assists both the Client and Contractor in ensuring that local health and safety regulations are met on site and that workers are working in a safe environment.






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